Your favorite 5-year-old, hearts & stars loving 'journa-na-list' puppet! YAY!

Bleeckie and Dwight

Bleeckie Streetie is a puppet most commonly known from YouTube, and from Dallas, TX. Her character is a bubbly 5-year-old who is enthusiastic about life. She doesn't believe in negativity, and wants to be a journalist, or 'journanalist,' when she grows up.
Bleeckie's videos primarily focus on her interviews with local talents, celebrities, and anybody in between with the purpose of sharing their stories with the world. Bleeckie specializes in asking every kind of question imaginable -- she doesn't believe any question is too personal, and her enthusiasm and innocence definitely get her a long way!

Bleeckie is very unique. She's a fan of mis-matched patterns and styles, and doesn’t care if she wears sneakers with a dress. And blue skin? Definitely not typical. But Bleeckie LOVES the fact that she’s different. She loves being an individual! She loves who she is, and wouldn’t change it for anything. ​

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